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Timing Pulley Slice 62T B - Blue (4-Pack)

Makeblock Timing Pulley Slice 62T-B is the new version of Timing Pulle... more

Beam0412-220-L5-Blue (4-Pack)

Beams are the most frequently-used parts of Makeblock platform which c... more

Timing Belt 128MXL - 160T(Pair)

Makeblock timing belt 128MXL - 160T can used to connect the timing pul... more

Worm Geared Motor DC12.0V/6RPM

Worm Geared Motor, a new type DC geared motor on Makeblock platform, i... more

Slider Plate

Slider Plate can be connected with Slider Beam2424 -752 to build a hig... more

USB cable B 1,3m

USB 2.0 A-Male to B-Male Cable is a connector for USB devices. 

Plastic Timing Pulley 62T Without Steps(4-Pack)

Makeblock plastic timing pulley 62T without steps is made of plastic,... more

1 - 24 from 493