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Go Wireless Electrode Amplifier

Graph and analyze mV or pH data on your iPad; Android tablet; or LabQu... more


Charge Sensor

Use the Charge Sensor as an electronic electroscope to obtain quantita... more


O2 Gas Sensor

The O2 Gas Sensor can be used to monitor gaseous oxygen levels in a va... more



The Barometer can be used to measure and monitor atmospheric pressure.... more


30V Voltage Probe

This sensor is used to measure voltages in the range of -30 to +30 vol... more


Go Direct Radiation Monitor

The Go Direct Radiation Monitor detects alpha; beta; gamma; and X-ray... more


Dissolved Oxygen Probe

Use the Dissolved Oxygen Probe to determine the concentration of oxyge... more


Chloride Ion-Selective Electrode (with amplifier)

The Chloride Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE) is used to measure the conc... more


Force Plate

Designed to collect data on forces developed during stepping; jumping;... more


Light Sensor

The Light Sensor approximates the human eye in spectral response. Use... more



A simple and rugged sensor designed to measure temperature in the rang... more


Instrumentation Amplifier

The Instrumentation Amplifier can be used to connect a wide variety of... more


Go Direct Force/Acceleration

The Go Direct Force and Acceleration Sensor couples a 3-axis accelerom... more


Sound Level Meter

The Sound Level Meter measures sound level in decibels. 


Constant Current System

The Constant Current System is a DC power source with a built-in curre... more


Go Direct Voltage

The Go Direct Voltage Probe combines a wide input voltage range and hi... more


Go!Temp (includes LoggerLite software)

Collect temperature data directly through the USB port of a computer. 


Go Direct Motion Detector

The Go Direct Motion Detector uses ultrasound to measure the position;... more


Go Direct Electrode Amplifier

The Go Direct Electrode Amplifier is a mV and pH amplifier that connec... more


Current Probe

The Current Probe can be used to measure currents in low-voltage AC an... more


Soil Moisture Sensor

The Soil Moisture Sensor is used to measure the volumetric water conte... more


Differential Voltage Probe

The Differential Voltage Probe is designed for exploring the basic pri... more


CO2 Gas Sensor

The CO2 Gas Sensor measures gaseous carbon dioxide in two ranges–0 to... more

1 - 24 from 115