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Dynamics Cart And Track System with Motion Encoder

The Dynamics Cart and Track System with Motion Encoder is a revolution... more


Dynamics Track System Encoder Long

The Dynamics Cart and Track System with Motion Encoder is a revolution... more


Vernier Dynamics System

The Dynamics Cart and Track System provides students with the tools th... more


Vernier Structures Tester

Evaluate the strength of model bridges and engineered structures by me... more


Centripetal Force Apparatus

The Centripetal Force Apparatus allows you to investigate the relation... more


Vernier Projectile Launcher

Use the Vernier Projectile Launcher to investigate important concepts... more


Diffraction Apparatus

Use the Diffraction Apparatus to map light intensity vs. position for... more


Independence of Motion Accessory

The Independence of Motion Accessory enables the Vernier Projectile La... more


Goggles (2 Pack)

Two replacement Goggles for the Vernier Projectile Launcher 


Red Diffraction Laser

This is a replacement Red Diffraction Laser for the Diffraction Appara... more


Fan Cart

The Fan Cart is a large fan on a light-weight cart. It offers students... more


Track-to-Track Coupler

The Track-to-Track Coupler rigidly connects two tracks for larger expe... more


Data Vest

The Data Vest makes hands-free data collection at an amusement park or... more


Electrostatics Kit

The Electrostatics Kit allows students to perform a range of experimen... more


Motion Encoder Cart & Receiver

The Motion Encoder Cart and Receiver is for users of the Vernier Dynam... more


Wax Tape, 300 ft

300 ft roll of replacement Wax Tape for the Vernier Projectile Launche... more


Combination Track / Optics Bench

The Combination Dynamics Track and Optical Bench is black anodized alu... more


Power Amplifier Accessory Speaker

This kit includes a speaker and accessories used with the Vernier Powe... more


Plunger Cart

These low-friction carts are designed to study motion and collisions o... more


Motion Encoder Track Strip - Long

This is a 2.2 m long label for application to a Combination 2.2 m Trac... more


Mass DTS

These four 125 gram masses are used to add mass to a cart for dynamics... more


Power Amplifier

Use the Power Amplifier as a power supply for DC and AC circuit invest... more

1 - 24 from 46