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Basic Wind Experiment Kit

This popular kit allows young scientists to test a variety of blade de... more


Basic Turbine Building Parts

The Basic Turbine Building Parts kit includes the KidWind Hub; a wind... more



The simpleGEN is an easy-to-build AC generator that allows students to... more


Solar Thermal Exploration Kit

The Solar Thermal Exploration Kit is modeled after a domestic solar wa... more


SolarEnergy Exploration Kit

Explore solar energy with this innovative science kit designed to help... more


Mini Wind Turbine With Blade Design

Demonstrate the power of the wind with an affordable and rugged wind t... more


Basic to Adv Upgrade Parts

Upgrade from the KidWind Basic Wind Experiment Kit to the KidWind Adva... more


Adv Wind Experiment Kit (A0012)

Discover advanced aspects of wind turbine technology. Test different b... more

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